Virtual Music Lessons

Now is the perfect time to learn a new instrument or continue your music training from the top music teachers in Columbus—all from the comfort of your home!

Here’s what our students and parents are saying about our online music lessons!

“Caroline is really loving virtual bass lessons with Kevin and also the Band Membership rehearsals. Zoom is working well for it all - and she is still enjoying herself which is the most important.” 
-Chris (Parent)

“Thanks to James and VMS for keeping the dream alive! Thanks to James and Zoom lessons, I can sit at my drum set in the basement and continue to pursue my drum lessons despite Ohio’s COVID-19 precautions. I envy all the kids who started in 5th grade—as I work on my double stroke roll at age 63.” 
-Carl (Student)

“Our 10 year old, Casey, has enjoyed online upright bass lessons with Greg! Greg has done a terrific job engaging Casey and it has motivated him to keep practicing each day in preparation. And we love hearing our child playing bass every day while sheltering-in-place... Greg has focused closely on quality of tone as well as rhythm which makes for a lovely daily concert.” 
-Lise (Parent)

How This Works

Our expert music teachers will teach your children how to play their instrument of choice. Lessons are tailored for everyone, whether they are just starting out or have been studying for their entire lives—and everything in between. Learn, from home, with the option of continuing online or in person after shelter in place lifts.

Music lessons are a critical part of academic success. Exploring music has also been shown to increase confidence levels in both children and adults.
There has never been a better time to keep your kids engaged and learning one-on-one with our highly experienced staff.

Also, the first lesson for each student is free!

Here’s What You Get

  • ​Individualized live instruction
  • ​Music education that focuses on the whole person
  • ​Easy set up: all you need is a laptop, tablet, or smartphone
  • ​Lessons tailored to skill level
  • ​In-person learning options at Upper Arlington studio after COVID-19 orders are lifted
  • ​Each teacher has a music degree (and many have education degrees as well)
  • ​Keep yourself or your kids engaged while at home

Who We Are

Vaughan Music Studio has been serving the Columbus, Ohio area since 2006, approaching music education with a focus on helping our students to understand their whole self through music. Our experienced staff are all experts in their disciplines, and their passion is walking alongside their students as they grow in ability, knowledge, and confidence. 

We offer a wide array of lessons including instruments, voice, and songwriting—across all genres. We are also dedicated to providing a complimentary teaching style, pulling in other instructors for their perspective so that the student is getting experience across a wide array of music styles and techniques. 

In our Upper Arlington, Ohio location, we also offer a state-of-the-art recording studio and equipment. Our students love being able to come in to record covers and even their own songs! 

Here are the online lessons we offer:

  • ​Bass Guitar Lessons
  • ​Drum Lessons
  • ​Guitar Lessons
  • ​Piano Lessons
  • ​Songwriting Lessons
  • ​Ukulele Lessons
  • ​Upright Bass Lessons
  • ​Voice Lessons
“Lessons have been nothing but fun and a much needed rescue from isolation.” 
-James (Instructor)

“Our first sessions were great!”
-Heidi (Parent)

“I think it’s really important to have someone to check in with musically and talk about music in such crazy times.” 
-Max (Student)

There’s Never Been a Better Time

Register yourself or your child for your first free online music lesson with one of our fantastic music teachers. Keep yourself or your children engaged, learn something new, and do it all from your home and on your schedule!